Go 4 the Heart

If I told you how we Republicans can "re-align" the presidential electoral map to make it virtually impossible for the Democrats to ever win a presidential election, would you want to know more?

The secret is to "Go 4 the Heart" when talking to black voters. What does going for the heart mean?  It means ditching numbers, charts, statistics, and data when talking to voters and instead use emotions.

It means talking to voters using "heart" language rather than "head" language.  Voters are people and not projects.

President Donald J. Trump asked black voters, "What the hell do you have to lose"? But he did more than that! He pointed a finger directly at the Democrats for the problems faced by black America.

Whether you are an activist or a candidate or a campaign manager, or whether you are black or white, male or female, if you have the heart to reach out to black independent voters, you must go for the heart.

So, please watch the 1.5-minute video above, then click here to order the 36-page booklet.  Let's stop being silent about the Democrat record.


Warmest regard,

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